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  • You Can't Miss Our Financial Aid Webinar

    We have great news to share! InspirED recently partnered with CovED (student mentor program) and Monterey Peninsula College to host a financial aid webinar for all families. Our goal is to provide useful information as you plan for college expenses. And if you are a senior, you and your parents can also fill out the FAFSA during our session. Join us on Saturday, October 10. For more information, please see the attached flyer. Hope to see you there!

  • College Fairs Near You

    You may be getting ready to go back to school in person or virtually. Either way, we would like to wish you a great start of the year! We’re sure you’re excited to go back to school and continue working towards your college goals. As you get settled in the first couple of weeks of school, remember that during the Fall, colleges and universities begin to share information about their programs and student life all over the world. Given COVID-19, college reps will be sharing the most up-to-date information virtually. You can find college information sessions, tours, and even fairs online. Take advantage of all of the college fair opportunities, visit the following sites: NACAC WACAC SriveScan Your high school (check out if your school is hosting visits/fairs) College events (also check out your favorite college websites to find out about upcoming events) Meeting with admissions officers online is a great way to get some of your big questions answered and learn interesting tidbits about potential schools. This will also help you identify potential colleges that will make your final list or can potentially visit in the Spring. We hope this helps!

  • We Are Hosting Weekly College Admission Webinars Just For You (English & Español)

    Join us during our webinar series, College Admissions During COVID-19: How to Rise Up. Brooke Higgins of Crosswalk and Marisela Gomez of InspirED will share the latest on college admissions and through the application process. For more information and to register, go here. Acompañanos en nuestra seria de seminarios web, Cómo ser exitoso/a al solicitar admisión universitaria durante COVID-19. Brooke Higgins de Crosswalk y Marisela Gómez de InspirED le ayudarán con el proceso de admisión universitaria, a pesar de la pandemia. Para más informes, haz click aquí. It is time to get inspired!

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  • Jumpstart Your College Admission Essay

    Don't know what to write about for college admissions? Looking for some help brainstorming ideas? This is the course for you. Keeping a daily journal is a powerful tool for anyone looking to find the best experiences that reflect their personality and at the same time kindle a creative spark. With hundreds of students applying to college every year, know that it is possible to identify your story and use your own voice. Grab a notebook and let’s get started and brainstorm together. .🖊 Set Up Your College Essay Brainstorming Ritual.Some(Discipline shouldn’t be a bad word for any student. It lets the little things take care of themselves and frees up your mind to focus on school and extra-curricular activities. The easiest way to add some discipline to your brainstorming habits is to create a ritual and commit to the process. All you need is to reflect on your experiences, write them down, and identify possible stories you can share with colleges. To get started, choose a comfortable place where you can write comfortably. Set your timer to 30 minutes a day to brainstorm. Remember, you can write with a pen and paper or a your College Planner on your phone or computer. No need to get bogged down in finding the “perfect topic." Let's get started... ).📓 Moments of Hesitation.Some(We all go through times of hesitation. So, before we jump into the actual brainstorming. I would like for you to reflect and answer the following questions: What motivates you to write everyday, to grow as a writer step by step? What can you tell yourself when you feel stuck and don’t want to write? How can you turn writing into a commitment? Now, identify and write the solution to each obstacle. Also, write down what will you do to remind yourself of your commitment and stay focused. Your commitment is crucial for your success. ).📓Advice to Yourself.Some(Suppose you had the chance to give one piece of advice to yourself 3 years ago. What would you say? Write and describe the situation(s), details, and outcome(s) you experienced that defined who you are as a person. ).📓 Your Resume .Some(This is a classic, and a good place to start. We all have unique experiences. They can be: simple or profound good or bad exciting or challenging academic, spiritual, or political The reality is that you get to decide how to define your experiences. On a Google document, list all of your activities since 9th grade. Activities can include: sports, community service, job, home responsibilities, and awards. As you write down each activity, make sure to include: Your title/role Name of organization/company, if applicable Time commitment (years, weeks/year, hours/week) Set your timer and have at it! ).📓 Describing Your Activities.Some(Our experiences can often define us and colleges what to understand your world. They way you can achieve this is describing your contribution and impact you the group/organization. Use this time to describe each activity. Start with the your involvement. Greet & welcome people. Transition to the impact you made. With a smile, serve dinner, give groceries, keep track of # of plates eaten, clean & set up. Build friendships & gave out Easter baskets to kids every year. Can you add anything else? Make sure you include all the details you can identify. Also, do a quick conjugation check. Current activities must be in present tense and previous activities in past tense. Here is a link if you need a little extra help. Make sure each activity has a description. By the time that you are done adding your activities, your resume should start looking the sample below. Keep up your good work! ).📓 Defining Moments .Some(We all have something we can be proud of. It can be as simple as remembering when you helped out a friend or a major academic accomplishment. Take a minute to feel good about yourself. Reflect on all of your experiences. Choose and write about one experience for each category. Your stories must include a beginning (cause), middle (effect), and end (outcome/reflection). The categories are: 1) memorable 2) proud 3) challenges 4) favorite academic subject 5) summer 6) unique talent/skill 7) possible major (if you don't have any explain how you will explore majors in college) 8) community involvement 9) spiritual (only if applicable) ).📓 Meet with your IE coach.Some(Congratulations! You made it! Today you are ready to meet with your IE coach. You just achieved something amazing with your hard work. Schedule a meeting and get ready to start writing. )

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