Yesterday, the University of California Board of Regents made a historic decision that will significantly change its admission process regarding standardized testing. The following are some the updates the University of California announced via their Counselor Bulletin:

  • For Fall 2021 and 2022, UCs will not require ACT/SAT. They will develop a new and more inclusive admission process that will consider students with or without test results.

  • For Fall 2023 and 2024, UCs will not require ACT/SAT scores for admission purposes. By this time, they will be "test-blind" for California students. The change comes with a caveat. ACT/SAT scores may play a role in some scholarship considerations and course placements.

  • For Fall 2025 and onward, ACT/SAT scores will not be part of the UC evaluation process for California students. Also, by 2025, if the new UC test is available, it will become an application requirement.

As you process this information, know that everything will continue to evolve. In the past, when the UC system made drastic policy changes, other selective universities across the country have followed. We also foresaw this change when UC announced the suspension of the testing requirement (test-optional) for Fall 2021. But honestly, it’s too early to determine how other colleges will respond as UC plans to develop its own assessment.

For now, I recommend working with your counselor to determine the best strategy for your specific college plan. Finish the academic year strong, as academic performance will continue to be the central focus of the college admission process. And of course, take a breather and prepare for your summer activities!


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