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At nearly three months into a COVID-19 affected world, many of our systems and processes have changed. Unfortunately, one of those most dramatically affected is our education system. The president of NACAC, Jayne Fonash, published a statement asking colleges to reconsider their testing policies and to be mindful of what our students are going through. I felt that this section was particularly relevant, and it encapsulates how colleges are responding to support students during this difficult time:

“The NACAC is asking its member colleges and universities to reassess their admission criteria in light of the overwhelming challenges faced by many students. Do the criteria―test scores, grades in college prep courses, strength of curriculum, and the like―stand up to educational scrutiny? Are they reliable? And perhaps most important of all, do they preserve access for all students, including low-income, first-generation, and other vulnerable students who are already facing increased threats to their physical, emotional, and economic well-being amid this global health crisis? And ultimately, is the current testing flawed?”

Curious to know how colleges and universities have responded? The following are the changes we have seen so far:

  1. Some colleges move their enrollment deadlines to June 1st. Those colleges that didn’t change their enrollment deadlines are dipping into their waitlist. It is going to be a long summer for students and colleges alike.

  2. Over 700 colleges in the country are still accepting applications. If you are looking for more options or know of anyone who may be interested in applying for this upcoming Fall, find out which colleges still have spots available here.

  3. Many colleges (including Cornell University, Clairemont McKenna, and others) are changing their standardized testing admission policies. UCs are switching to test-optional, which means that you have the opportunity to submit or not submit your scores. To find a full list of colleges making these amazing changes to support our students, check it out here.

  4. Common Application has a new optional question for students. Students applying for Fall 2021 will have an opportunity to share how COVID-19 impacted their lives.

As colleges are making drastic changes, both the SAT and the ACT have a lot of work ahead of them as colleges are exploring and changing their testing policies. Both of them are exploring virtual options, but nothing has been released yet. Read more about this possible change here.

Lastly--- UCs have released that they are considering the suspension of SAT/ACT requirement for five years and possibly change the actual test completely. UC Regents will vote on this issue next week. Read more.

A lot of changes, right? Know that colleges have always been supportive and accomodating in times of crisis, and COVID-19 is no exception. We’re keeping our ear to the ground for any further relevant changes to admissions. Stay tuned for more updates and information.


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