Finding Careers: It Takes A Team

Monica Rude Gallegos and I are at it again. Here is another common question that we see often:

What are the best schools and careers? 

Students are often obsessed with a specific college or career. While it is good to know what you want, this hyper-focus can be bad because it doesn’t allow for maximum growth or change. 

College students traditionally change their major multiple times while in the first two years of school, and that’s okay. 

The “best” career is one that uses a person’s skills and pairs those with a need in the world. Doing well on science tests someone doesn’t necessarily mean you should go into medicine - good doctors need people skills, not just scientific knowledge.

If you love lab work, you might be a better researcher than a medical practitioner.  Keep your options open as life takes you in different directions, but know what you truly enjoy learning. 

Students put pressure on themselves to get into “name brand” schools or careers. 

It takes a team. 

If the admissions scandal taught us anything it is that it takes a team to help a student succeed. Now, you certainly don’t have to bribe anyone to get into college, but college admissions is easier when students have a supportive team. There are lots of people who want to help your child: teachers, school counselors, and even admissions officers from colleges. If you have questions it is okay to ask for help.  


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